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Mother, Protect Your Baby from the Dangers of Flu and Coughing in These 5 Ways

Entering the rainy season, Mother may start to worry, if your child catches a cold and coughs. However, you know Mother, there are actually several ways you can do to protect your child from the disease you know! Coughing flu can be caused by influenza viruses that spread through the air. This disease is susceptible to being experienced by infants because the immune system is not yet fully formed. Various Ways to Protect Babies from Flu and Cough Because the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause flu and cough is quite easy, there are several things you can do to prevent your child from developing this disease, namely: 1. Routine hand washing The first thing you can do to protect your child from transmitting germs that cause colds and cough is to diligently wash your hands, especially before touching them. Not only for Mother, this habit must also be applied by all family members and friends of Mother who want to touch the Little One. To be perfectly clean, wash your hands
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Why Women Have Longer Life Expectations than Men

The notion that women are weak creatures when compared to men, seems unjustifiable, yes. Because of the fact, womenfolk can live longer than Adam. It is important for you to know that the life expectancy of humans in the world today is around 71 years, with women estimated to live up to 73 years and men only 68 years. What Causes Women to Live Longer Than Men? Actually, a person's life expectancy is indeed closely related to the pattern of life that is applied daily. However, a study revealed that women can survive longer when compared with men. What is the reason? 1. X chromosome that is resistant to genetic mutations Women have two X chromosomes (XX), while men only have one X (XY) chromosome. This chromosome also supports the work of the immune system in the body. Therefore, women are considered more resistant to damage (mutations) of chromosomes because they have X chromosome reserves, whereas men do not. In addition, the risk of infection in women is smaller than men.

Various Causes of festering tonsils and how to overcome them

Tonsillitis is generally caused by an infection that occurs when a person has tonsillitis. There are several diseases and conditions that can cause infection and lead to suppurating tonsils. Tonsile tonsils can generally be identified by white spots on the tonsils and surrounding areas. If it occurs, it may be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain when swallowing, pain, itching or lumps in the throat, coughing, fever, nasal congestion, headaches, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and bad breath. Various Causes of Tonsillitis Fester The cause of suppurating tonsils can be due to inflammation of the tonsils caused by the infection of S. pyogenes bacteria in the tonsils, although other bacteria and viruses can also be the cause. Apart from inflammation of the tonsils, tonsillitis can also be caused by: Pharyngitis Strep throat or pharyngitis which results in festering tonsils often caused by bacterial infection of Streptococcus. This is a contagious disease that is common in